There’s Something Magical About Breckenridge

  • March 17, 2017

Breckenridge Ski ResortBreckenridge locals and visitors alike all know that there is a certain something magical – maybe even mystical – about Breckenridge. And while we may not all agree on just what and where this magic emanates from, we all can agree that there is indeed something fairytale-like about this enchanted place. There’s those awe-inspiring majestic views of the Rocky Mountains that seem to go on forever, the pristine mountain lakes you swear could hide a gossip of mermaids, locals praying to the mythical God Ullr every winter, and those imposing forests that make you feel very insignificant. Whatever you decide to be dreamlike about this small slice of heaven is yours to do what you want, but we are here to tell you another tiny reason for this fairylike aura.

But first, we feel obliged to mention that Breckenridge was once a self-proclaimed kingdom. Yes, the “Kingdom of Breckenridge!” Now this “Kingdom” may not have been in the category of the likes of Narnia, Atlantis, and Fantasia of American lore, but it did mint its own coins, had its share of ghost stories, and celebrated its mining history as if it were a rite of passage. And while this poor little hamlet only lasted a short time, you can still find the remnants of its former regal status on a sign at the outskirts of the town proclaiming this the “Kingdom of Breckenridge.”

Fairy Forest near our Breckenridge hotel.Hold on for a moment, though, as there is another remnant, homage or tribute to this charmed kingdom. It comes in the form of a fairy forest. Wait, what’s that … fairy forest you say? Yes, a fairy forest where all the Imps, Nymphs and Pixies are free to roam without fear of persecution. No, not really, but we truly do have a magical hiking path where these mythical beings have created own tiny homes and are able to live amongst the other forest creatures in their own miniature kingdom. This magical, kid friendly hike is aptly named the “Fairy Forest.”

Now, it just so happens that our Breckenridge hotel gives you convenient access to this leisurely hike. Assuming you cannot take to the air like our fairy counterparts, our lodge is just a short jaunt to the wide wonders of the Fairy Forest. And you certainly will know when you get there, as upon entering the forest you will come upon a sign that reads “Welcome to Fairy Forest.” Get ready for a surreal adventure that will leave you believing in the fantastic and thinking beyond the reality you know!

On your quest, you’ll see one little fairy dwelling popping up after another, each with its own unique touches and architecture. You’ll also encounter miniature bridges, mushroom patches, cave dwellings, hobbit villages, and if you’re lucky, you may even happen upon some of the fabled residents themselves. Additionally, one of the coolest things about this supernatural trail is that it is ever changing and growing with frequent new additions inspired by the imaginations of C.S. Lewis to Walt Disney and everyone in between. Channel your inner child and let your imagination run free.

Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, this is one experience you and the little ones don’t want to miss. The original Kingdom of Breckenridge may have diminished in size, but this fairy forest hiding in the middle of our township may just be the most magical place of all.