• January 28, 2016

My favorite event in Breck is the International Snow Sculpting Championships. Because my birthday falls during the building week or viewing week each year, watching the volunteers create the blocks of snow, seeing the sculptors’ visions emerge and checking out the finished sculptures have been part of my annual celebration for nearly two decades.

As one of the lodging sponsors for this event, it’s quite a treat to get to meet the teams and to follow their progress as they create art from snow!

This year we are hosting one the teams from Germany. Their sculpture, Metanoia, is guaranteed to be a highlight of the competition as the entire weight of the sculpture sits on several very small points! The team describes this vision as “the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life.”


I’ve been reflecting on metanoia ( a profound, usually spiritual, transformation; conversion) throughout the week as the sculptors have brought to life their vision. Making my home here in the late 90’s resulted in a complete transformation of heart, mind, self and life. It ranks in my top three favorite life-changing decisions, as does joining the Wedgewood Lodge/Tonti team last winter!

Here’s to experiences, choices and chances which result in metanoia! ~Andee, GM