Don’t Ski? Don’t Worry.

  • March 6, 2015

Breckenridge is still the place for you!

When I moved here from Jersey in December ’99 it was because I had visited and found the mountains absolutely spiritual. I felt I was home in a way I never had before. Mind you I will bust out my Inner Jersey Girl in a hot minute if you dare mention that ridiculous show about idiots when I tell you where I’m from. I have never met anyone who acts even close to anyone on The Jersey Shore.  And I have known some Italians.  Believe you me!  Ahem. But though I’ll always be a Jersey Girl, Breckenridge is where I belong.

Having worked at the Wedgewood Lodge for eleven of the past thirteen years, I have become quite knowledgeable about the mountain. I am a fount of wisdom after years of experience…talking about it.  I have even become quite adept at hiding a terrible secret…

I don’t ski or ride. There, I said it.

Typically I can fake my way through all sorts of questions about the ski area. Right up until someone asks me what my favorite run is. Then I fess up and grab one of the other girls to assist.

However, I want to tell those of you who don’t ski, that doesn’t mean you don’t belong here! I mean, who would deal with up to seven months of snow if this place weren’t awesome?  Even if you don’t shred the gnar!

Check out some Things to Do in Breckenridge even if You Don’t Ski!

You can still do Breck Zube-Style!