It’s All Downhill from Here

  • June 25, 2014

10352036_549463317263_7620444645460301313_nI have not ridden a bike much at all in the past twenty years.  The extent of my biking prowess is giving my all to keeping up with my seven and four-year-old on a jaunt around the block.  And, even the round-the-block jaunts find me a little wobbly.  When someone says, “Don’t worry, it’s like riding a bike,” it gives me pause.

So when an e-mail reached my inbox informing me that the front desk gals, of whom I am one, were going to be taking the Vail Pass Bike Tour with Charter Sports (because it’s really a good idea to have some notion of the activities we are suggesting to guests after all…) you might say I had a fleeting moment of mild trepidation.  Well, okay, it didn’t fleet, exactly.  And mild…might be a mild understatement.

But after a week of cajoling and assurance from everyone that, “Seriously, the ride is ALL DOWNHILL, you’ll be FINE!” I reluctantly agreed to go (in other words, my coworkers are relentless, specifically when it comes to the possibility of fun being had).10406727_549462952993_3709418249414070668_n

So, the day of our planned excursion, Sarah, Kate, and I were picked up by shuttle around 11AM and we were on our way to the top of Vail Pass.  After a mini-photo shoot, we were on our way.

And, you all, really?  It was AWESOME!  Wind in your face, incredible views, WHEE-style awesome.  I highly, highly recommend, especially to folks visiting from lower altitude who’d like to have a fun and sporty excursion that doesn’t fly in the face of the oxygenally-challenged.  This gal wobbled a bit and Joel with Charter Sports was kind enough to wait for the slow old lady while the office young-ins careened down the pass much quicker than yours truly (they are quite lovely young people without whom I’d be at a complete loss as to the endless possibilities available at my fingertips on my iPhone…Just sayin’) .

10429488_549463217463_2385473289213310587_nWe finished off our lovely downhill ride with some fish tacos and a frothy adult beverage at the Frisco Marina Island Grill and were then driven back to the Wedgewood Lodge to regale our coworkers of the great fun we had that day.

If you find yourself heading our way for a visit this summer be sure to consider the Vail Pass Bike Tour.  And remember to let Charter Sports know you are a guest at the Wedgewood Lodge so they can apply your 30% discount!

If you have any questions about booking a reservation please e-mail us at or call us at 800-521-2458!